You could earn sooo much more revenue, if only your customers would keep buying from you and stay loyal. Since we don’t live in ideal world, customers’ loyalty tends to decay over time. That can be prevented by proper attention and individual approach. That approach, though, shall be systematic and come-out from your precise knowledge of each customer’s purchase behaviour.

As the Head of Sales, what shall you tell your salesforce? Do you prefer them to contact the customers randomly or shall they pick those with currently biggest potential first?

Let’s make your life easier with an interactive dashboard that lets you assess your customer base through segments. Below you can see how each customer (account) branch belongs to a specific segment, his/her characteristics and most importantly the challenge you need to deal with to keep the customer loyal.

Go ahead, try it 😉 (zoom to full-screen in bottom-right corner)

Knowledge of your customers is, of course, fundamental.
But you also need to properly inform and instruct your salesforce. Ideally automatically and on a daily basis.