The more loyal your customers get, the more you will earn.

In other words – there is a strong correlation between Customer Loyalty Rate and Gross Margin (or revenue).

At the same time – there’s a big gap between what your sales reps could achieve and their current results.

We have a user-friendly platform that will guide and help them work with their assigned customers in a much more efficient way than now.

We will measure how much extra Gross Margin you’ve earned compared to the past.

As Head of Sales you will be able to see and argue that increase to your CEO, CFO and board members through a clear and nice dashboard.

Except of that we are very confident that you will reportedly increase your sales we are also committed to stay responsible for your success. Yes, Insightee goes for a fair price. But in any case – we won’t charge you more than 10% of what you measurably, arguably and reportedly earn on top of your usual sales. This is in fact our 1000% ROI guarantee because we want to make a fair deal.

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