Estimated Insightee effect


Let's take your average monthly revenue, part of your customers who are repeat-buyers and who currently bring a part of your revenue, as a base.

Sales uplift potential

Let's set a conservative goal to retain more repeat buyers through timely and relevant responses to significant changes in your customers' behavior.

Insightee shall help them increase your monthly recurring revenue by about within a year.

In total you would make extra in revenue during 12 months. Considering your average margin rate it means of extra profit.

Path to Success

1. Get Deep Insights

The basic starting point to leveraging your sales data is our "Essential B2B Sales X-Ray".

This interactive dashboard deeply and promptly answers fundamental management questions.


We will turn your data into the X-Ray for €3250 one-off setup fee.
You will then get the access to it for €15 monthly per user.

The data will get refreshed automatically on a daily basis.


2. Validate the Potential

As next, you can ask X from your N salespeople to start using our Tactical B2B Sales Guidance. It will tell them what happened, what is likely to happen and what to do whenever any of their customers will require attention.
The remaining Y colleagues can continue doing their business as usual. Within three months the customers assigned to them will serve as a good sample compared to your customers served by those X using Insightee.


The Insightee B2B Tactical Guidance is available for €745 per salesperson and month.
X users validating the power of actionable insights for 3 months shall give you a clear picture of how much your sales can realistically improve - for a still affordable budget - XXX.
Our team of professionals will be here to help you calculate, evaluate and argue the validation phase effects.


3. Maximize Sales Uplift

Considering your average margin rate Insightee can bring you of total extra profit within the next 12 months. Your corresponding annual return on investment to Insightee would be %.

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Remember, every week you hesitate working with your B2B customers systematically turns into in unearned revenue.