Let's transform your purchase history into

10 Actionable Insights

Fundamental perspective

Understand the prevailing trends and dynamics of your business. Discover a recent era from which you can draw additional conclusions.

1. Revenue History

Let’s find out the most relevant time period for subsequent analysis. Learn when your business has seen the most significant moves.

2. Purchase Latency

Understand how often your customers place orders. Get to know the usual times between their consecutive purchases.

Strategic perspective

Understand your strategic customers, top selling products and key salespeople. Fact-check how they relate.

3. Strategic Customers

Customers who are strategic to your business. They generate the highest value in the long term.

4. Top-selling Products

The part of your product portfolio that brings you the most revenue in the long run.

5. Key Salespeople

The salespeople who bring the most business and should be the most responsible for maintaining the loyalty of your customers.

6. Salespeople and Customers

Who sells to which customers. Key people vs. strategic customers, other people vs. other customers and vice versa.​

7. Customers and Products

Who buys which products. Strategic customers vs. top-selling products, other customers vs. other products and vice versa.​

8. Products and Salespeople

Who makes revenue through which products. Key people vs. top-selling products, other people vs. other products and vice versa.

Behavioral perspective

Understand your sales with a user-friendly deep dive into purchase behavior. Distinguish specific customer segments. Solve discovered customer loyalty issues and let your loyal customers flourish.

9. Dynamic Behavioral Segmentation

Identify specific customer segments by revenue, number of purchases, and time since last purchase.
VIP, at risk, rising, sleeping, active, etc.
See how your customers migrate between segments.​

10. Urgent Recommended Actions

Recommended actions for individual customers who have recently changed their behavior to such an extent that they require special attention.

How it works

It is easy. All we need is your purchase history. In principle – the customer, date of purchase, product and amount.

1. Provide
your data

Extract and upload your data (individual use)
We connect your system (regular use)

2. Expert

Our experts examine your data, calibrate the models and evaluate the results while respecting your business characteristics.

3. Deep

Our algorithms discover
hidden patterns and consequences
in your purchase history.

4. Receive
your insights

We deliver individual insights promptly.
Automatic data updates can bring you fresh insights daily.

5. Act on
the insights

the relevant actions and insights
in practice.

6. Enjoy
the ROI

the increased sales
and customer loyalty.


"Compared to the best of our existing campaigns we have achieved 45.8% more ROI, 231% more revenue and 63% more purchases thanks to ability to find ideal audience."
"The effectiveness of the personalized approach towards our customers exceeded my expectations."
"We have unlocked 46% more revenue from our buyers and sellers while our campaigns performance improved by 130% in open rate, 79% in click-thru rate and 113% in conversion rate. Campaigns have been profitable even after counting-in all generous incentives provided to our customers."

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