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CGTrader is a virtual marketplace for buying and selling 3D models like the ones you create in AutoCAD or similar tools. By buying specific models, designers save time because they don’t have to create all the details of equipment in a bigger model. The marketplace also provides an opportunity for designers to monetize previously created models (a vase, an apple or maybe a pillow, etc.).


Dalia Lasaite, CGTrader’s marketing director, faced a tough challenge: How should she spend her marketing budget to achieve the largest possible company growth?

Email marketing was one of the most promising channels. They knew that incentives greatly improve sales, but they lacked the customer segmentation and personalization that would enable them to create the right incentives.


In the same way as Hierbas Organicas did, we processed the CGTrader’s data. That project was actually somewhat specific, because we made two “behavioral segmentations” for them – one for buyers, and another for sellers. CGTrader could customize its email messages and incentives for each segment. Some incentives struck us as very generous at first, but ultimately they returned increased revenue.


Compared to CGTrader’s previous email campaigns, we saw much higher Open & Click rates. These also led to a higher activity by both Buyers and Sellers, and thus higher revenue.

Below you can see the statistics of segmented email campaigns compared to the classic, “carpet-bomb” style of emailing.

How CGTrader achieved sales uplift with the Insightee method

One more takeaway from this was that the campaigns worked even with very basic email templates. It confirmed that people are primarily curious about content and real benefits, not about flashy design.

"We have unlocked 46% more revenue from our buyers and sellers while our campaigns performance improved by 130% in open rate, 79% in click-thru rate and 113% in conversion rate. Campaigns have been profitable even after counting-in all generous incentives provided to our customers."
Dalia Lasaite
Dalia Lasaite
CEO at CGTrader

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