Learn how to easily turn your company data into actionable sales insights

Written for the business people like you

  • How to identify your strategic customers, products and salespeople

  • How to decrease customer churn and
    increase customer retention

  • How to predict your customers’ purchase behavior

  • How to analyze the right data from the vast amounts you have

Implement the Insightee Method on your own

  • Build an overview that will give you a basic, but also very clear, indication, which customer likely requires you to act and do something about their retention with a priority.

  • Find-out the typical sales issues and what metrics and insights will help you fix them.

  • The book will help you to turn the basics into practice. It will help you to partly get the value hidden in your data.

  • You will know the fundamental measures that can help you predict customer behavior and how to calculate them.

  • You will be prepared for a better cooperation with us.

  • You will know what you really need to get your business improved.

It’s a tasting of what you get by working with us.

It is a benefit for you that you can try the Insightee method on your data without much risk.

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