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This is how we work with our clients.

Initial call
about our services

Our consultant will review with you the current status of your data and the tools you are using.

During or shortly after the consultation, the consultant will tell you if our specialists can help you and with what.

If you haven’t booked it yet, go ahead.

The outcome will likely be one of the following:

Get our Data Know-How

Insightee Experts

We will help you with any data quality, data integrity, data modeling, data architecture, data mapping, data consolidation, data integration, data transformation, data preparation, data analysis, values calculation, performance optimisation, multi-dimensional analytical or operational reporting, data mining, prediction, machine learning, statistics or data warehousing issues.

SQL, ETL, ELT, Power BI, Tableau, R, Azure, Python, etc… Name it – and we will teach you and your team how to do it or will get it done with you or for you.

Our hourly rate is € 300,-.

Try us. Get your issue solved. Book your first, short, consultation with us.

It is completely risk-free. If you won’t get value from it, it will be FREE and you will NOT get billed.

Afterwards, when you see how efficient we really are, you can pre-pay a package of consultations, e.g. for € 3000,- for 10 hours of work.

Time spent will be tracked and reported thoroughly.

We can also bill the work monthly in terms of a long-term collaboration.

Use the Insightee Service

Insightee Service on mobile and tablet

We will turn your purchase history data into smart notifications for your salespeople and interactive, in-depth B2B sales insights for the management.

It is a ready-made system that will get the best from your purchase history.

It is very common that our clients require a few customizations based on their business specifics. A typical implementation takes about 2-3 weeks, includes a regular data refresh from your ERP or CRM system and typically costs around € 5 – 8 k.

Half of the setup fee is billed in advance.

Once the setup is done, everything is configured and you approve it, we bill the rest of the setup fee, eventually any extra work you may request. Together with the licence fees for 12 months, which start at € 590,- / month and gradually decrease with the number of users.

Insightee Service license pricing

We help you evaluate the effect on your sales performance.


Get a Custom Project Plan

Outsourcing your custom project to Insightee

We will gladly create a fully customized data/analytical solution for you. Should you need to get anything done in-house, including an embedded logic of the whole or a part of the Insightee Method or Service, this is the right way forward.

Let’s speak about projects taking weeks or months, starting from € 30 k.

Before starting such custom implementation, requirements need to be clear, functionality specified and costs budgeted.

We will start with creating a project implementation plan for you, including a budget. Then you can choose whether you want to implement it and when.

The project plan creation usually takes 5 – 10 man-days of work that we charge upfront and costs starting at € 2.5 – 5 k, depending on complexity.


We charge EUR 270,- per hour of work of our experts.

We agree on the intended outcome and give you a time estimate prior to starting any consultation, analysis or development.

It depends on the number of users – i.e. salespeople and managers using the service. The more users, the cheaper the price per user. Check the pricelist.

It varies depending on extra features required and the quality of data available.

Usually the service is up and running within one month, including a somewhat custom setup.

We are based in Prague, Czech Republic.

Most of our clients are Czech and UK-based companies.

Our services are typically provided remotely.

Yes, indeed.

We made many predictive models for various companies around the world. The Insightee Service uses multiple Machine Learning models.

It is no rocket-science. We usually connect multiple data-driven advantages together. When companies follow our smart recommendations, they just perform wisely and in a relevant way.

Companies typically have a big gap between where they are and what is possible thanks to their data.

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The aim is to find out how our team can help you and recommend a suitable course of action based on our experience.