Actionable Sales Insights

Unlock Sales Potential

Insightee Sales Insights is a powerful B2B Retention System that transforms sales history data into actionable insights for your sales reps. Increase revenue, retain customers, and drive growth with our data-driven platform.

💰 Increase Revenue and Retain Customers

  • Optimize your sales strategies and increase revenue with data-driven insights.
  • Reduce the time between orders and nurture customer loyalty.
  • Proactively retain at-risk customers to minimize churn.

Whenever we detect a significant purchase behavior change of any of your customers, we notify the responsible sales rep.

Customer at-risk situation

📊 In-Depth Interactive Sales Dashboards

  • Empower your management team with in-depth, interactive sales dashboards.
  • Gain visibility into key sales metrics and performance indicators.
  • Make informed decisions to drive sales growth and strategic initiatives.

🔔 Smart Notifications and Customer Insights

  • Equip your account managers with smart notifications and customer insights.
  • Enable your sales reps to stay informed and take timely action.
  • Know what is happening, what is likely to happen, and what to do to maintain individual customer loyalty.
From a smart recommendation to the customer journey dashboard in a single click
Actionable insights - predictive and prescriptive analytics

🔎 Get Instant Answers to Business Questions

  • Gain valuable insights into purchase patterns and customer behavior.
  • Identify the best days of the week to close deals and optimize sales cycles.
  • Uncover strategic customers, products, and salespeople driving your success.
Typical customer segments
Strategic customers determined by the Pareto analysis


Cost-Efficient User-Based Pricing

Scale Your Insights without Breaking the Bank

Insightee Service license pricing

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