Increase your B2B revenue with actionable sales insights

Insightee Service

The Insightee Service turns your sales history data into actionable insights for your sales reps. For every client they take care of they will know:

  • What is going on
  • What is likely to happen
  • What to do and what to offer
Management gets in-depth interactive sales dashboards.

We make customer retention super easy for you

Whenever we detect a significant purchase behavior change of any of your customers, we notify the responsible sales rep.

Customer at-risk situation

How the Insightee Service works

  • Your B2B clients leave a valuable digital footprint
  • We analyze your purchase history data regularly
  • We profile each customer
  • We group your customers in typical segments
  • We map their behaviour changes over time
  • We notify your sales reps when needed
  • They know what to do right away
  • They can check how they performed in the past
  • We predict what products are most likely to be purchased by the client
  • Managers get an in-depth view of why things happen
  • They easily reveal the most important customers, products and salespeople
  • They can see the risk of customer churn in many perspectives

B2B customer retention "watchdog" that never sleeps

  • Salespeople contact the right clients when the situation requires it.
  • Sales aligns with Marketing by knowing strategic customers and best-selling products.
  • Sales managers prevent customer churn because they know where and why it occurs.
  • Salespeople have more relevant conversations with the clients. They know their “journey”, purchase habits, as well as which products each client is most likely to purchase next.
  • CEOs take better decisions because they know the context among the customers, products and salespeople.
  • Company owners enjoy more revenue from more loyal customers.
See how you can improve your sales in the interactive demo of the X-Ray dashboard. It is the part of the Insightee service designed specifically for sales directors, CEOs and managers.

It’s our core offering. Best value for money.

Put your data to work.


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