1-on-1 Data Coaching

I will make you a successful data pro

  • You’ll be confident as a pro

  • You will be successful with data

  • You will make a huge contribution to the business

  • SQL, Power BI or Tableau will be a breeze for you

  • People will trust your numbers

  • You will create reliable data products

  • You’ll have insight into business and data like never before

  • You’ll properly connect data from different sources

  • You will succeed with AI in practice

  • You will communicate about data and business correctly and confidently

  • Your network of people will understand how good you are

Mirek Černý

You will be taught by a top expert

My name is Mirek Černý and I am the guarantor of Insightee Data Coaching.

I have been working on data analysis and business intelligence for more than 22 years. During this time I have gained experience from more than 75 projects for various companies around the world.

It’s time to pass on the experience.

I and my team of data experts at Insightee will give you 100% attention. In a professional, responsive and human way.

Mirek Cerny introducing Insightee

How the data coaching works

1. We will arrange a date and 2 hours of time

We will meet online or in person.

Right at the beginning we will set a clear and specific goal for our meeting so that you are satisfied.

2. We teach you and solve the problems you have presented

Depending on where you currently are and what you are going through, we will find out what the reality is. We don’t need to examine your data in detail right away, but of course that is also possible if it is needed and is accessible. We focus on you and what you want to achieve.

We advise you, share our experience and find ways to resolve the situation. If you want, we explain the procedures, analysis or technology.

When you need to create a quality analysis or report but don’t know exactly how to do it, we’ll help you or teach you.

You can leave anything to us or let us guide you step by step.

3. We'll confirm the benefit and the result

At the end of each meeting, we restate the goal defined at the beginning. We will check if you got everything you came for, or if there is something more to be added, added or to guide you to the next steps that will lead to the changes you want.

If you need or wish to, we will arrange another appointment.
Some of our clients have been coming to us for data coaching for a long time, gaining know-how on an international level that is not available anywhere else.

Collaboration pays off

Good service comes at a cost

An hour of data coaching, consultation or related work by our experts costs €300 excluding EU VAT. We are sharply effective.

Satisfaction guaranteed: if after the first hour you conclude that it’s not what you need, you pay nothing.

For corporate clients, we offer a discounted package of 10 or 20 hours, from which we then gradually subscribe as needed.
Ten hours of consultation costs €2500, a package of 20 hours is €4250. We will take care of the records ourselves.

Data coaching inquiry

Every success starts with the first step.

Please leave your contact. We’ll be back shortly to schedule a time to meet.