Make your insights
our responsibility

Our consulting team will make any insights you can imagine.

  • We will do a custom Insightee implementation.
  • We will integrate Insightee anywhere.
  • We will enrich your customer profiles within your ERP or CRM.
  • We will integrate your own segments.
  • We will enhance your reporting with deep insights and predictions.
  • We will revamp your reporting.
  • We will get your data quality in shape.
  • We will audit and improve your corporate data strategy.

What does it look like when you contact us

1. We will make a call and together determine exactly what you or your people need
We’ll walk you through guided questions to find out exactly what your challenges are and what improvements will bring you the best results. This interview usually lasts 20-30 minutes, for larger orders we can arrange a meeting.

2. We propose a solution
Depending on the complexity and your preferences, we will inform you immediately by phone or subsequently in the form of a written offer, what data, analytics or individual consultations best address what we have found. We will introduce the price to you immediately.
The written offer includes the work of our senior consultants, analysis and assessment of your current state. As we do not hide any costs in subsequent implementations, we clearly state that this is a paid activity.

3. We will agree on the details and dates
When you accept our offer, we will start the implementation and we will consult outstanding issues on an ongoing basis. We will arrange dates and times for regular meetings – so you can evaluate the progress and adjust your goals if necessary.

4. We implement and subsequently evaluate
The goal is to achieve the desired result, so after each implementation, we will jointly evaluate how we succeeded and whether further follow-up steps are needed. We guarantee the quality of our work.

How do we work?

So that it brings you results.

Custom project is an investment
that must pay off.

Then we do it well.

Insightee Experts

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