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Bow & Drape, USA

Bow&Drape advertises itself as “the brand that inspires smart, stylish women to make a statement.” We met Chirag Nirmal, the Bow&Drape CEO, in Boston. He was aware of the power of data and the potential that personalization could bring to their company.


Bow&Drape were originally looking for a tool, model or approach that would increase the duration of customer visits to the company website. After looking at their Google Analytics, we agreed that a 25% improvement of the Average Visit Duration metric would be a success.


After analyzing their business and web, we proposed a website personalization model.

With that goal in mind, we pulled data from Google Analytics and trained a “predictive model” on them. It was then able to tell which products were more likely to be purchased during each visitor’s session. It was a matter of a few days to implement that model directly into the Bow&Drape website as a “You may also like” section.


We checked the impact of our changes. Not only was the initial goal achieved – people visiting the Bow&Drape website were so curious about the relevant offers that they spent almost 40% more time on the website. An even better “side-effect” was an 85% greater likelihood that the visitor would make a purchase after she clicked on a recommended product.

"The predictive model driven recommendation engine was super easy to implement, and we found that the recommendations are 85% more likely to lead to sales."
Chirag Nirmal
Chirag Nirmal
CTO at Bow&Drape

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