Data Coaching

We will solve any of your data issues

Companies collect tremendously valuable data.

Turn your data into profit.

  • 20 years of experience
  • Solved data quality
  • Real business benefits
  • End of Excel hassle
  • Power BI and Tableau will be a breeze for you
  • Reliable numbers and outputs
  • Insights like never before
  • Join data from different systems
  • Artificial intelligence in practice
  • Inspiration from companies around the world

How the data coaching works

We’ll meet online.

At the beginning we will set a clear and proper goal for our meeting.
This is so that in an hour or two we can work out what is possible and you get what you want.

We don’t have to use all of the time, but it’s better to leave room in case it’s needed.

Depending on where you currently are and what you are going through, we will find out what the reality is. We don’t need to examine your data in detail right away, but that is of course also possible if it is needed and available. We focus on you and your business.

We advise you, share our experience and find ways to address the situation. We do not impose anything on you and we do not judge anyone. We tell you the advantages and disadvantages we see. When it is useful to you, we explain the procedures, analysis or technology.

When you need to create a good analysis or report but don’t know exactly how to do it, we’re happy to help. Better yet, we’ll teach you how to do it directly.

Because data needs to be properly prepared for analysis, we present different options depending on how fast, reliable or in-depth you want to go. You can leave anything to us or let us guide you step by step.

Once you are clear, and know what and how you will do in the future, our meeting comes to a close.

We’ll make sure it has delivered the expected value and met your goal.

If you have the desire and need to improve your data skills and your business even more, let’s arrange regular meetings.

You can also invite your colleagues.

How much does it cost

An hour of data coaching, consulting or related work by our experts costs €300 excluding EU VAT. We are sharply effective.

Should it happen that the first (or any other) meeting is not of appropriate value to you, we will not charge you anything.

So you risk nothing.

You can subsequently subscribe to a package of hours of our work.
We will share a table with you where we clearly subscribe them according to how much we work for you.

It is advantageous to subscribe to our services now, as we are also experiencing price increases.

Subscription is also a way to roll over your current unused budget into the future.

Why not postpone data coaching for next time?

Because many things are urgent, but your ability to work with company data is important.

What’s more expensive? Our services or your unearned profit using data? You probably know the answer…


Let’s do it!

Tell us a little about yourself and briefly describe what you’re solving right now.

We’ll get back to you and schedule a meeting together.