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We will help you with any issues regarding

  • data quality
  • data integrity
  • data modeling
  • data architecture
  • data mapping
  • data consolidation
  • data integration,
  • data transformation
  • data preparation
  • data analysis
  • values calculation
  • SQL query performance optimisation
  • multi-dimensional analytical or operational reporting
  • data mining
  • prediction
  • segmentation
  • machine learning
  • statistics
  • data warehousing
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Our senior experts have over 20, one colleague even over 30, years of experience.

We will make sure to get you the right people.

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Our hourly rate is € 270,-.

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It is completely risk-free. If you won’t get value from it, it will be FREE and you will NOT get billed.

Afterwards, when you see how efficient we really are, you can pre-pay a package of consultations, e.g. for € 2700,- for 10 hours of work.

Time spent will be tracked and reported thoroughly.

We can also bill the work monthly in terms of a long-term collaboration.


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3) Outsourcing it completely

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