Awareness questions

What they look for, who run the companies

What is our revenue?

Where do we have sales for all order items?

Do we want to deduct returns and claims?

Do we need to know this in more context?

How does our revenue evolve over time?

How consistent is it with the plan?

How many customers do we have?

Who has ordered from us at least once?

Are we recording customers correctly or do we have a number of them entered into the system multiple times, ambiguously, or not at all?

Over what period?

What types of customers do we recognize?

How often do customers buy from us?

How many orders have individual customers placed in a given period?

What is the average time between their orders?

Who buys more regularly and who buys more occasionally?

Who should have already ordered again?

What about seasonal influences?

Who are our strategic customers?

What proportion of our turnover do repeat buyers bring?

What small proportion of customers bring us the majority of our turnover?

What do they have in common?

How can we get more like them?

What can we do to avoid losing them unnecessarily?

Which salespeople are key to us?

Which salespeople is our business standing on?

Who is losing the most customers?

Who sets our revenue at the greatest risk?

Who has the most revenue at risk?

Who should we keep an eye on when we have a Friday?

Which products are serving us well?

Through which products do we make the most money?

Which products did the clients we lost buy last?

Which product groups do loyal clients buy?

What sells the most on Thursdays?

How can we simplify our product range to make a profit?

Which day of the week do we have the highest sales?

When do we have the most orders?

What is the difference between Monday and Friday?

Which day do we have the lowest sales?

What sells the most on Tuesday?

Who loses clients and why is it that we lose the most on Wednesdays?

Which clients are at risk of dropping out?

Who should have reordered a long time ago and didn’t?

What do our lost customers have in common?

Who is at increased risk of dropping out right now?

Who might we have forgotten?

Who have we not asked if everything is okay?

How much money are we letting slip away and where?

How many orders have we missed?

Who should the merchants have reminded yesterday and didn’t?

How much money did we lose by doing this?

Who would be good to call today and who tomorrow?

How much money and which clients might we needlessly lose this year?

Which salesperson is conscientious and who is lazy?

What is ruining our reputation?

In which products are we most at risk of losing customers?

What did those who never came back buy?

Who sold it to them and when?

Who will pick up the phone and ask what went wrong?

What reviews does a product or affiliate have with a high risk of losing clients?

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