We unleash the true power
of your corporate data

By smart analysis of your sales data

  • We retain at-risk customers
  • We increase sales
  • We’ll keep an eye on your salespeople
  • We reduce the time between orders
  • We’ll fine-tune your business

The Insightee Method is a specially designed set of tools, philosophy and best practices that reliably increase our clients’ revenue, sales metrics, customer loyalty, etc.

In short: It makes you money.

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We are a team of experts who will turn your data into increased margins.

We have helped more than one hundred companies gain insights into how their business really works and how to improve their revenue.

The efficiency of these companies has increased, revenues and margins have risen. As a bonus, customer relations and retention have improved significantly.

Insightee Team

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to unleash true power in data

using external team of data experts

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Case studies

Stories of successful companies from different industries

1) AUTOMOTIVE: 65% B2B Revenue Increase

2) ECOMMERCE: +75% Average Order Value

3) GAMING: Tripled revenue from customer acquisition

4) MARKETPLACE: How we made buyers and sellers on CGTrader trade more Read more >>

5) FASHION: +85% Conversion Increase

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to unleash true power in data

using external team of data experts