We help you increase your revenue by finding missed sales opportunities

We analyze your sales data and uncover missed business opportunities and upsells you probably didn’t even know about.


  • Increase your revenue
  • Reduce the time between orders
  • Highlight your at-risk customers

We are a team of experts who will turn your data into increased margins.

We have helped more than one hundred companies gain insights into how their business really works and how to improve their revenue.

The efficiency of these companies has increased, revenues and margins have risen. As a bonus, customer relations and retention have improved significantly.

Insightee Team

We are improving the wholesale business model significantly. Let's take a look at a distribution company.

Solight is a major distributor of electronics in the Czech market. The company’s annual turnover is close to €50 M (~55 M USD). Their salespeople are responsible for relationships with thousands of active customers.

The risk of churn and loss of large and loyal customers was not easy to estimate prior to Insightee’s deployment. The impact WAS significant…

After linking to data from their ABRA ERP system, we were asked by Management to make the actionable insights available, initially to only a subset of salespeople. Let’s call this Group A. This would allow Management to use a control team versus another set of the sales team. Let’s call this team Group B. Using control groups would allow key highlights to unfold.

Salespeople received smart alerts via email on a weekly basis.

When a customer’s typical behavior changed, the salespeople were given direct instructions on how to manage the situation. This also gave salespeople a game plan for that specific account. Something that hadn’t been done before.

Salespeople reported to Sales Directors. Sales Directors had an overall in-depth view of the business. They easily identified the causes for customer churn risk and made decisions to avoid further financial losses.

Because we have the power of the Insightee method from many of our other companies, we were not surprised by the results of the Control group.

After only 2 months, the following key metrics revealed themselves:

  • Higher revenue growth
  • Higher frequency of orders
  • Richer product portfolio
  • Increased customer retention rate

Group A users achieved 70% higher revenue growth

The company had an overall successful period in the Fall of 2022. However, the increase in revenue generated by salespeople using Insightee (Group A) was on average 70% higher than by the salespeople not using Insightee (Group B).

Group A had a 40% increase in order frequency

When salespeople in Group A actively spoke to accounts that were highlighted by Insightee, Management saw a 40% increase in order frequency

Group A increased the product portfolio

When salespeople called on their accounts, they were able to expand on the customers product offering versus remaining static with historical items.

Customer retention rate increased to 87%

The usual retention rate was 74% in the test group and 85% in the comparison sample. After the deployment of Insightee, there was an increase to 87% in both groups.

This therefore means that 13% more customers started to reorder using Insightee than had been the norm.

Conclusion: Using Insightee has a tenfold ROI

We have measured that the related increase in revenue is mainly due to an increase in orders. Thus, the usual time between orders has been reduced. The average order value has not changed significantly. In addition, the variety of products ordered has increased.

When comparing the related gross margin earned through the extra Insightee and the total cost of Insightee, it is evident that our service has an annual return of approximately fourteen times.

The company is also indirectly recouping their investment in the ERP system in which they honestly collect their data.

It is a fact that they also have many different management, analytical and operational reports. They were created by specialists to the best of their ability. They were no less expensive.

But then we, the Insightee team, came along. We took their company data – and we gave them a smart, easy and rapid boost to their profits.

What about you, do you know the churn risk of each of your clients?

Are you making the most of your company data or is it lying idle in an expensive system?

Do your salespeople know which products individual clients are more likely to buy than others?

Do you know the detailed context of which customers, products and salespeople are experiencing the greatest loss of revenue?

We will extract this, and much more, from your data

Actionable Sales Insights

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Actionable Sales Insights

as a Service

How can we help you?

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