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Insightee Method is a specially designed set of tools, approaches and best practices that reliably increase our clients’ revenues, B2B sales numbers, customer retention, etc.

In short: It makes you money.
(+65 % revenue increase on average)

We are a team of experts who will turn your data into your increased profits.

We have helped over a hundred of companies around the world to gain insights into how their business works and how to improve it.

The efficiency of these companies has increased, revenues and margins have risen.
Customer relations and retention have improved significantly.

Insightee Team

Insightee Method is fixing typical B2B sales issues:

Building a strong pipeline of qualified leads is a key sales team goal. However, there should be an equal effort in retaining current customers as well.

It takes more time, money, and effort to acquire a new customer than retain a current one, since you’ve already gone through the steps to make the sale. 

Appoint experienced sales reps to the role of account management specifically. This will help create a deeper connection to your existing client base. In addition to keeping clients happy, it helps to uncover new opportunities based on customer growth and changing needs. 

If customer retention is an area your sales team struggles with, identify why businesses are leaving and what can be done to persuade them to stay.

Although not every reason is due to unhappiness with the account, gathering this feedback is helpful as your retention strategies.

Many business executives say they’d rather stick with businesses they are familiar with than make a switch, due to the increased risk and investment.

When you focus on customer retention, it establishes loyalty, creates stronger customer relationships, and ultimately allows you to better predict revenue.

Moreover, the Insightee Method lets you identify the customers with a high risk of attrition and act timely to retain them.

On average, sales reps spend most of their time on non-selling activities.

Take a second to let that sink in. 

Imagine that your factory worker only performed his function a third of the time. Or a web designer was only productive for 13 hours of each workweek.

You would be poor. It just doesn’t make sense.

We will improve how you’re spending your time.

Manual data entry may be eating up your time. It may take you all day to craft a single email. You may be struggling to find the right information to prepare for a sales call.

We provide a solution.

Just because you’ve always done something a certain way, doesn’t mean there isn’t a better way to do it.

As a sales rep, you can make the most calls and send the best emails, but if you’re targeting the wrong prospect, none of that matters; you won’t be able to close the deal.

Stop wasting time with unqualified buyers and go after the people who are most likely to buy.
Do this by discovering who your current Strategic Customers really are.
This is easy to do using the Insightee Method.

Then look at what they have in common.
Develop or adjust your existing Ideal Customer Profile (ICP).

An ICP is a detailed profile made up of a combination of firmographic and behavioral characteristics that define a company’s best buyers.
Using this profile, develop measurable outreach strategies that convert these top buyers.

Marketing is annoyed with sales for not following up on leads and the sales team is annoyed with marketing for sending them unqualified leads.

Sales and marketing alignment is vital to a company’s growth and success.

  • Companies with strong sales and marketing alignment achieve a higher annual growth rate.
  • Companies with poor sales and marketing alignment often see a revenue decline.
  • Sales and marketing alignment can generate much more revenue from marketing.
  • When sales and marketing teams work together, companies see a higher customer retention and higher sales win rates.

The Insightee Method lets you find the intersection of your Strategic Customers and Strategic Products.

You will be able to find-out, where lies a potentially high risk of customer attrition vs. what makes them loyal.

You will no longer have to only guess.

You will have a vital collateral for the alignment discussions.

The digital age has fast-forwarded the way everyone conducts business. Without taking advantage of technology, it delays results through inefficiencies.

For example, there are tools that help make sales teams’ jobs easier and streamline processes to overcome B2B sales challenges.

It is not only CRM systems, cloud technology, data analytics tools, content management, or sales automation software, that are the keys to maintain a successful sales operation. 

The sales tools and applications we provide let you practice the sales activities “on-purpose”.

Your data and the Insightee Method will let you acknowledge such purposeful moments to talk to each particular customer, together with a suitable topic to discuss.
You will see that you can make reorders happen more frequently with less effort.

And more…

Insightee Method gets you inside your client's brain

AI pictured as brain

Imagine what your sales would look like if you could see inside the mind of any of your clients. Imagine how persuasive you’d be if you could attach an antenna to their head and their thoughts would continuously download.

Wouldn’t it be good if your system automatically processed those thoughts and told you what was going on? Wouldn’t it be even better if you knew what the client was up to? How about knowing what to do with the client?

Would you find such a capability useful? How about if you could do it completely fluently, without any effort?

Wouldn’t you feel like a super-powered person? Of course you would!

Your clients leave a valuable digital footprint

People today deliberately give so much information about themselves…

The GDPR law seemingly complicates the collection of this data. We’ve figured out how companies can work with the kind of footprints that subjects are fundamentally required to leave. We know which data contains the strongest patterns. Best of all, the storage of such data is mandatory and enforced by law.

We have realized that every company in the world automatically has data that allows it to get inside the brains of its customers.

Digital footprint

We turn the footprints into actionable insights

Customer at-risk situation

During hundreds of experiments that our team has conducted with dozens of companies around the world for more than 20 years, we have found that:

Your purchase history contains the strongest patterns of customer behavior.

We have developed a method for obtaining information about:

  • What happened to each client
  • What is likely to happen to each client
  • What to do with each client

Choose your way to gain insights into your business

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