Who sets your revenue at risk?

It is common to lose a small proportion of customers over time.
But what if it can be avoided?

The “At-Risk” segment is represented by customers who have a high risk of attrition.
We know this from the analysis of other similar customers in the past.

Discover the salespeople who have the largest share of revenue generated by customers who are in the “At-risk” segment.

Are they aware of that?

What and who is Insightee?

Insightee is a data analytics platform that turns your sales data into actionable insights. It is designed for larger B2B sales teams. We will turn your sales history form SAP, Salesforce or any other ERP or CRM system into knowledge, intelligent and relevant B2B sales recommendations. Let’s leverage our technology that recognizes each individual B2B customer’s behaviour and provides user-friendly insights and recommendations.

Insightee consultants and engineers will be happy to adapt the system to your specific needs and set the models to correspond with your goals and sales process.

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We have been in data analytics for more than 20 years. Our team of experienced data engineers and consultants has helped a number of large companies to leverage their data into a profit.

Get inspired by the success of those who trust us.

Use our simple, interactive calculator to quickly estimate how much your sales would increase if you would manage to keep your customers slightly more loyal.